Kuumaa Santaa


A video image of a woman’s face is projected on a head-shaped sculpture. The woman’s body, dressed in swimming gear, is projected on the wall behind. The floor is sculpted from oily plastic to resemble water, reflecting the projected images. Some suitcases are scattered around, floating on this water.

Is the woman a tourist, hiding from reality like an ostrich while confronting this reality in her dreams? The suitcases come alive, emitting sounds of knocking, cursing and anthemic music from the Middle East. Light can be seen flickering inside the cases. For a while the woman’s muscles tension but then relax again. Her face looks indifferent, or is she only pretending? The story folds and unfolds in the dialogue of these elements.

Kuumaa Santaa (“Hot Sands”) was exhibited in 2008 at Gallery Välivuosi, Helsinki.