Talk About Society

FILM, 2019

Talk About Society is a video work combining video images and photography-based animation. The underlying theme is the various ways and metaphors used to discuss about the society, or the state. Authoritarity, nostalgy, hubris, pessimism and grassroots democracy are symbolically represented and intertwined in the film.

The three acts of the film depict images of a dangerous journey, the aftermath of a catastrophe and finally the emergence of new meanings and material, organic and man-made.

A three channel installation version was displayed at Gallery Huuto, Helsinki in March 2018.

A longer film edit with additional material and a new soundtrack was produced in 2019, to be premiered at the Turku Art Museum and later displayed at Mänttä Art Festival (2019) as well as Kalmar Art Museum (2021).

Talk About Society was supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (TAIKE).