Portrait of the (Art) Director

VIDEO, 2010

This video installation provided an opening sequence to my thesis exhibition. The same character was also posing in the posters and invitations. The video work was played 24h hours a day on two HDTV displays, installed on the gallery windows, facing the street.

The video, divided to two vertical displays, shows a well-dressed man, his face and hands seemingly being stitched together from pieces of raw meat. The man spreads a red rubbery something, now shown to contain various body parts, on the table and starts cutting out the parts one by one with his large scissors. When he is finished, he picks up another set of body parts and repeats the process in a loop.

While the man obviously has at his disposal the power of creating life, or manipulating and transforming identities, he at the same time seems to be a victim of his own practice.