Projects and Activity


Örö Residency Programme

ÖRES offers artists and researchers a chance to work in a unique natural environment. The programme is located on Örö, a former military fortress island in the Finnish Archipelago National Park. The artists-run residency focuses on new and experimental fields of art, art-science collaborations and interdisciplinary projects.

Nuutti Koskinen is the founder and has worked as the chairman and coordinator of the residency programme since 2015.


Hermeneuttinen kehä Saaristomerellä

“A Hermeneutical Circle on the Achipelago Sea” is a personal blog and photo deposit. The topics vary from sailing expeditions to political texts and artistic dilemmas in general. Mostly written in Finnish.

Media Art and Animation Workshops

Teaching in media art & animation workshops, for children between 7 and 15 years. The workshops have covered most of the basic techniques and principles of photography, video, animation and installations:

  • Photography basics: Building Camera Obscuras
  • History of moving images: From phantasmagoria to film and animation
  • Stop-motion and hand-drawn animations
  • Lighting, editing and effects
  • Projection and installation; video painting and projection mapping