Devils without a Job


Devils Without a Job is an installation consisting of multiple animated images projected around the space. A number of devil-like characters, their appearance inspired by medieval frescos and paintings, appear living in the space. However, unlike their historical counterparts, these devils appear not menacing but rather bored and apathetic.

The historical role of devil-like figures is to represent the Other, being symbols of moral decay; the seduction of man by his animal-like instincts, an opposite of the pure rational spirit man is supposed to be. In today’s society this projection of Otherness thrives on and is exposed in the way we talk about minorities, the unemployed, “white trash” etc. Do the devils here continue their historical role by representing the ultimate sin – not being productive enough?

The installation was exhibited in 2012 at Kluuvi Gallery, Helsinki.

Format: 4 video projections (1080p25)
Duration: Loops of various length