NEIGHBOURVIDEO INSTALLATION, 2018 Neighbour is a video installation. A box on the wall contains a screen and four mirrors. The video consists of short episodes where the protagonist tries to make his mark against changes happening in his neighbourhood, but hesitates and fails. How to be part of a local community, while simultaneously being strongly [...]

Talk About Society

TALK ABOUT SOCIETYVIDEO INSTALLATION, 2018 / FILM, 2019 Talk About Society is a video work combining video images and photography-based animation. The underlying theme in the work are the various ways we discuss and talk about the society, or the state. Authoritarity, nostalgy, hubris, pessimism and grassroots democracy are symbolically represented and intertwined in the film. [...]

Production (Series)

PRODUCTION (SERIES)PHOTOGRAPHY / INSTALLATION, 2008-2017 Production is a photography series,  focusing on the spaces and infrastructure of production, in an unexpected environment. While the Finnish archipelago is often seen as an example of pristine nature, it has also been, and still is, a scene for military presence, trade routes and exploitation of natural resources. The [...]


270°INSTALLATION, 2018 270° is an installation made mostly from sand, pebbles and calcium carbonate. Seaweed and hints of plastic and iron waste lace the materials. At the first glance the sculpture represents a traditional compass rose, a symbol used widely, for decorating palaces as well as placed on remote cliffs by the fishermen. However, on [...]


AARRE (TREASURE)VIDEO INSTALLATION, 2016 Aarre ("Treasure") was a collaborative public video work by Nuutti Koskinen and Minna Långström. It was commishioned by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (TAIKE) for the Silmänjuhla media arts event in Salo, Finland. The film was projected using four projectors on a monumental glass window above the main entrance to the [...]

Does a Tree Rot

Does a Tree RotINSTALLATION, 2014 A rowing boat, broken in two halves, floats above the viewer along with various recreational and outdoor gear. Low-key lighting emphasizes the impression of an underwater environment. Upon closer examination, the floating and sinking gear reveal some of the aspirations and identities of the passengers. Does the tree rot was [...]

Sleeping Saturn

Sleeping SaturnAnimation, 2012 The Sleeping Saturn is a panoramic scenery dominated by a statue-like figure sleeping amidts the landscape. The work slowly evolves as the statue is being built, the city growing around it, while at the same time it is deteriorating, being consumed by the forces of nature. This process repeats itself in an [...]

Devils without a Job

Devils without a JobVIDEO INSTALLATION, 2012 Devils Without a Job is an installation consisting of multiple animated images projected around the space. A number of devil-like characters, their appearance inspired by medieval frescos and paintings, appear living in the space. However, unlike their historical counterparts, these devils appear not menacing but rather bored and apathetic. [...]

Move any Mountain

Move any MountainVIDEO INSTALLATION, 2011 Move Any Mountain is a multi-screen video installation. Three videos are projected on the walls, while the floor of the space is laden with rocks and gravel. Opposite each other stand two enormous heads, seemingly made of gray stone, vomitting gravel and dust in turns. This cycle continues infinitely while [...]

Portrait of the (Art) Director

Portrait of the (Art) DirectorVIDEO, 2010 This video installation provided an opening sequence to my thesis exhibition. The same character was also posing in the posters and invitations. The video work was played 24h hours a day on two HDTV displays, installed on the gallery windows, facing the street. The video, divided to two vertical [...]