Production (Series)

PRODUCTION (SERIES)PHOTOGRAPHY / INSTALLATION, 2008-2017 Production is a photography series,  focusing on the spaces and infrastructure of production, in an unexpected environment. While the Finnish archipelago is often seen as an example of pristine nature, it has also been, and still is, a scene for military presence, trade routes and exploitation of natural resources. The [...]

Navigation By Day

NAVIGATION BY DAYPHOTOGRAPHY, 2018 Navigation by Day is a photo collage spanning four prints. The starting point of the work was to create a perception-based, photographic map of an archipelago environment. It is an attempt of producing landscape photography with a focus in the observed material reality, blurring the boundaries of the natural and the man-made [...]

Navigation By Night

NAVIGATION BY NIGHTPHOTOGRAPHY, 2018 Navigation by Night is a photo collage spanning three prints. Like Navigation by Day, it is represents a photographic map of the environment, but with a more narrative focus, touching on the aspirations and failures of the personal life and leisure. The work was on display at Gallery Huuto, Helsinki in March [...]

S/s Hanasaari

S/s HanasaariPhotography, 2006 The history of Hanasaari A power plant in Helsinki, demolished in 2008, inspired this series of photographs. The plant was built in 1957-60 on an island in the harbour. This coincided with the maritime industry's development of converting from steam to diesel power. Thus many sailors and steam engineers, their skills now [...]