Reforms in the Garden


Reforms in the Garden is a three-channel video installation that examines the layered nature of a landscape and the phenomenology of the environment and history. The installation shows the natural cycle as a material, ideological and productional cycle of the living environment with its problem areas, structural changes and history of otherness. The projected images move and change their aspect ratios, sliding in and out of panoramic sync.

To what extent do the mechanics of social and cultural changes resemble the change of scientific paradigms? We strive to understand things as if we were familiar with them, until we no longer understand them at all. How does something culturally incomprehensible become self-evident or vice versa? How do the real – and especially imaginary – remains of the archaic community structure affect our relationships with each other and our environment?

Reforms in the Garden was exhibited in September 2022 in plan.d produzentengalerie, Düsseldorf, Germany (single channel edit) as well as in November 2022 in gallery Huuto, Helsinki, Finland (three channel edit).

Duration: 12 minutes

Installed in Gallery Huuto, Helsinki, November 2022